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If you’re seeking to secure premium service from your local roofing companies, on a schedule that fits your needs, or simply wish to feel assured and stress-free throughout your roofing project, then it’s time to connect with Riedl & Son Exteriors!

Here’s how and why we can make you this promise

We are Riedl & Son Exteriors, your hometown experts in all things roofing. With an impressive track record of quality workmanship and countless roofs overhauled and beautified, we stand at the forefront of local roofing businesses. 

This isn’t just a service; it’s our promise to you for the highest standard in residential and commercial roofing excellence. Our offerings cater to everything from residential roof repair to commercial roof installation. No task is too big or small for our skilled team.

Each moment you delay is another moment you’re missing out on the top-notch roofing services that your neighbors are already raving about.

Don’t let those leaks get worse or old shingles cause more trouble. Get in touch with us today! Riedl & Son Exteriors, your trusted local roofing specialists, are here to help you keep a solid roof over your head!

Cities We Serve

Are you situated in Wisconsin and looking for trusted local roofers? Look no further! Riedl & Son Exteriors is proud to serve your area with top-quality roofing solutions. Whether it’s a simple repair or a full-scale installation, our expert team has got you covered.

Here are the cities where we bring our expertise:


Madison, known for its picturesque lakes and diverse community, deserves roof types that match its charm. That's where we come in, offering community roofing services that ensure your property is as beautiful and durable as the city itself.

Fort Atkinson

Are you in Fort Atkinson, renowned for its historic charm and close community ties? Make sure your property embodies the city's allure with our exceptional roofing services, meticulously designed to blend elegance with durability.

Eau Claire

Exploring Eau Claire, known for its historic neighborhoods and vibrant arts scene? Entrust your roofing needs to us to preserve the city's heritage while ensuring your property stands strong against the elements.


Planning a roofing project in Appleton, celebrated for its thriving downtown and friendly atmosphere? Look no further! Our roofing services are tailored to enhance your property's appeal and longevity, seamlessly blending with the city's dynamic spirit.

Are We Near To You?

Don’t see your city listed? Don’t worry; give us a shout, and we’ll find a way to assist you. Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements! Don’t wait until it’s too late. Reach out now and let us handle the rest!

Here’s Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get From Riedl & Son Exteriors

With Riedl & Son Exteriors, you’re not just getting a service, you’re securing a wealth of benefits for your property. Here’s a glimpse of what you get with our exceptional services:

Maximize Your Property's Value

By choosing us, you’ll understand how a quality roof can significantly boost your property’s market worth.

  • Enhance curb appeal to attract buyers or impress clients.
  • Invest in your property with durable materials for long-lasting value.
  • Enjoy the return on investment that a great roof can provide.
  • Cost-Effective Solution

    Discover why partnering with us is your ticket to substantial savings. Forget about unnecessary costs and focus on what truly benefits your property.

  • Bid farewell to hidden fees and unexpected charges.
  • Benefit from clear, upfront pricing for all roofing services.
  • Realize potential energy savings with an efficient roofing system.
  • Simplified Process

    Forget the headaches often associated with roofing projects. Our streamlined operations mean you’ll bypass common pitfalls and enjoy a smooth experience.

  • Leave the planning and hard work to us, your trusted local roofers.
  • Rest easy knowing that our team navigates the entire process seamlessly.
  • Gain peace of mind with consistent updates and professional handling.
  • Expert Negotiation and Support

    With us, you’ll never feel left in the dark. We pride ourselves on transparent dealings and are here to offer help whenever you’ve got roofing-related questions.

    • Experience stress-free service with clear communication.
    • Tap into our local roofing expertise for any doubts or concerns.
    • Harness our strong relationships with suppliers for the best materials.

    Keep More Money in Your Pocket

    By working with Riedl & Son Exteriors, the cost-savings are clear. Not only do we provide competitive pricing, but our efficiency means less downtime for your business or household.

  • Pay zero excessive fees that often come with larger, impersonal companies.
  • Benefit from local suppliers and relationships to keep costs down.
  • Get only what you need, no upselling or unnecessary services.
  • Here’s How To Get Started Right Now

    So are you ready to take the next step? Just click the link now, and start discovering all the benefits that await you with Riedl & Son Exteriors. Let’s enhance your property today!

    P.S.  Every moment you wait is a chance for your roofing situation to worsen. Don’t let minor repairs turn into major issues. Reach out now and secure the best for your property!